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Uttam Vyavahar Puraskar(UVP) (Individual Recognition scheme) This is to ignite out of the box thinking among our employees to bring out operational and business excellence. Salient features of UVP are:

  • It is applicable to Executives, Staff and Contract labor at all our units and locations.
  • Individuals are recognized for their outstanding contributions at work and outside work.
  • Quality compliance, Productivity improvements, Safety compliance, Process Improvements, Inventory control, Contribution to APL values , Participation in district/state level sports, art and cultural competitions etc. where the individuals excelled are  being considered under this scheme. (The detailed scheme is available with the HR department).
  • The award consists of a Certificate of Appreciation and Cash Awards ranging from Rs 2500 to Rs 25000.
  • UVP is administered through a committee at the Unit and location level.
  • UVP will be declared once every quarter.
  • For the felicitation meeting, family members of individuals who are being awarded this Puraskar will be invited.
  • Avery detailed SOP is framed as a guideline to administer this scheme.