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Improvement in Aurobindo Pharma's financials over the years has been the result of,

  • integration of operations - both backward and forward;
  • restructuring of the product mix, with increasing share of high value/high margin products;
  • economies of scale, consequent to optimum capacity utilisation;
  • increased productivity and higher process efficiency, resulting in higher yields;
  • efficient working capital management;
  • strategic sourcing and effective procurement system; and,
  • timely execution of projects sans cost overruns.

During the years 2000-2004, the Company embarked on major restructuring and modernisation of its production facilities to make them compliant with US FDA/European regulations. The Company re-engineered its infrastructure and geared itself to meet the challenges facing the pharma industry.

The Company considers these financial years as periods of investment, while it is readying itself for the tougher global markets. The full benefits of globalisation and operating efficiencies have already started favourably impacting the growth of the Company.