AuroZymes is flexible to your business and technical needs, and we have developed a range of services which can be accessed either individually or as a package. Please select the service you wish to consider

We can help you through the development cycle of your product and have the capacity to grow production as your requirement grows.

We can provide your biocatalyst product formulated in a way that suits your manufacture as resting cells/cell pellet, isolated lyophilised enzyme or your product manufactured in a fed batch fermentation.

Only Appropriate development is carried out, sufficient to take your project to the next step

Utilise our services and together we can Win with Biocatalysis!

A summary of our services is provided below

Identification of new biocatalysts for reactions

  • Screening of chemical transformations
  • Invention of new routes utilising biocatalysis
  • Development and scale up of biochemical processes
  • Supply of AuroZymes Enzyme screening panels
  • Supply of AuroZymes biocatalysts to support any scale of manufacture from mg to 100s tonnes
  • Strain engineering and Fermentation development
  • Fermentation Development