AuroZymes is the biocatalysis division of Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.

AuroZymes develops and produces biocatalysts for use in the Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries. These biocatalysts which were developed for use internally are now available for use by our customers. Our Mission is:

To produce scalable biocatalytic solutions for use in the Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Fine Chemical Industries, by reducing the cost of goods in processes, whilst benefitting from Green Technology

Our dedicated AuroZymes team integrate seamlessly with the highly experienced technical base within our parent company Aurobindo Pharma Ltd.

Building on the Aurobindo reputation which has been established over the last 25-years, we aim to deliver high quality biocatalytic solutions. We want to help you - Win with Biocatalysis.

Our Biocatalysts are scalable and we have processes running at 5000L utilising this technology. Seamless integration with AuroSource further facilitates subsequent chemical manufacture and product formulation as required within our high quality low cost manufacturing assets to deliver the required product at the right price – Win with Biocatalysis.