1. Excellent infrastructure - The Centre is well equipped to handle various developmental challenges in the areas of oral and parenteral medications. Specifically, the available infrastructure includes:

  • Oral solids development labs with equipment such as RMG, Fluid Bed Processor, Encapsulation machine, Centrifugal Coater, Liquid capsule Filling Machine, Bilayer Tablet Press etc.
  • Dedicated area and labs to handle potent substances like hormones.
  • Process Development and Scale-up Labs attached to the manufacturing unit.
  • An NDDS laboratory with specialized capabilities like nano technology, hot melt extrusion, etc.
  • A unit to develop parenteral dosage forms ranging from vials to ampoules to pre-filled syringes to large volume parenterals.
  • A unit to develop opthalmic and nasal products using the BFS technology.
  • Supporting dedicated packaging development labs with multifeeder BQS machinery capable of various packs including multi-product-in-a-blister.
  • Dedicated analytical laboratories with UPLC's, ion chromatography, an amino acid analyzer, particle size and particle surface area analyzer, hot stage microscopy, USP Type III and Type IV apparatus etc.
  • A bio-equivalence laboratory approved by various regulatory bodies like USFDA, MHRA and WHO etc.

2. Excellent talent Pool

  • A team of 500 plus scientists dedicated to development of generic formulations, many of which are first-to-file.
  • More than 180 patent applications have been filed by a dedicated IP team.
  • The scientific team is supported by two separate project management teams dedicated to Oral solids and Parenteral portfolios. A group of 150 plus supports all regulatory filings across various geographies.